An Electronic Emulator of Combined Photovoltaic and Solar Thermal Systems

Giuseppe Costantino Giaconia, Francesco Lo Bue, Antonio Di Stefano, Giuseppe Fiscelli

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An emulator of combined Photovoltaic and Solar Thermal (CPS) systems is presented. Inorder to carry out early testing on the design of such systems, a - microcontrolled based - hardware board has been designed, implemented and tested. This emulator is able run several typical daily solarirradiation patterns as a function of the seasons and a complete solar thermal and photovoltaic model that depends on a very flexible set of parameters characterizing the real CPS behaviour.By properly varying these parameters many different CPS models can easily be created and tailored to the energy performance needed for a predefined target application. Beside these functionalities, the CPS emulator is also capable to produce a set of output signals whose characteristics match the ones produced by a real CPS system. Moreover the CPS emulator can easily accelerate the real time clock up to 60 times faster, so speeding up the logging phases during tests.
Lingua originaleEnglish
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2010


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