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In last years, Amateur Doping has caused many victims. In order to know the diffusion of this phenomenon, we have conducted an online-survey through Google forms. We also transformed the same questionnaire on paper and it was administered in many gyms in Palermo and Trapani (Sicily-Italy). The sample examined consists of 976 people aged between 14 and 65 (47.3% of them are women and 52.7% are men). We asked them if they ever took on substances to improve their athletic performances: 25.8% of them answered affirmativelyand they declared to take on protein, amino acids but also Eca Stacks, which are hired on regular basis (34.6%). They bought this substances in sporting stores (32.2%), in pharmacy without prescription (26.8%), on internet sites (22.8%), in gyms (10.7%); 7.5% of them answered that they bought substances in other place. Furthermore, 17.9% of them declared that training companions, but also coaches and/or responsible of sports societies have proposed to them to take doping substances (Winstrol, Tamoxifene, Testosterone, EPO, exc...). 16.8% of interviewed claimed that is right to take substance with the purpose to improve their performances. However,when we asked them if they would ever have taken substances to their children, 95.8% of them answered “absolutely not”. They also declared to want more information about the real dangers related to uncorrected doping-substances intake. In conclusion, it appears necessary to adopt measures of information and prevention to reduce diffusion of this dangerous phenomenon.
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