Alteram naturam

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The research worked on a new possible interaction between town and countryside that formerly had been in conflict. In 1951, Enzo Paci opposed to the savage ingens sylva — in which Giambattista Vico described the city as a human space that has been "cut" — another kind of nature, organic nature. Like Frank Lloyd Wright and Alvar Aalto showed, architectures and towns can be opened to the nature, integrating — even mingling — each other. Differently, Le Corbusier imagined the nature as a park between rarefied systems of buildings (Unite): the town in the park is based on a continuous soil. However, the towns really embraced the ingens sylva by Vico, including many forms of "barbarism", and geo-botanic principles with some unexpected outcomes and a reduction of the differences between citizen and farmer. The risk is that the "elsewhere", as not being a town, is once generally the nature, once the countryside, a park or a garden. The research focused on the "second nature" (Cicerone) where the human artifice is evident, in the "agricultural systems" and in the buildings. The aim was guiding the regeneration of the residual rural parts in the borders of the towns. Indeed, the borders between rural and urban pieces can take shape able to save the "green" cultivated areas. It is a new synthesis of rural and urban features based on cooperation.The experimental phase of the study took place in Sicily, northwest of Palermo, between Isola delle Femmine and Partinico, in an area that includes the airport. There, mountains and cost come closer in Punta Raisi (where is the airport) and move away from each other in the Plane of Partinico. The cases of study are between cities and villages (Isola delle Femmine, Carini, Cinisi, Terrasini, Partinico).
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