Allodialità e feudalità nei regni di Napoli e di Sicilia

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Considering the two historiographical interpretations given by Anna Maria Rao and Giuseppe Giarrizzo (with Francesco Renda), the article examine the question on the transformation from the fiefs in allodial lands and intends to highlight the difficulty of a unitary interpretation of the feudal matter in the Kingdoms of Naples and Sicily. The conception of the fief, developed by the Neapolitan economic and legal historians in the second half of the Nineteenth century, was completely different from the “theory of fellow soldiers” endorsed by the Sicilian barons in the second half of the Eighteenth century, although they paradoxically agreed with the transformation of the fiefs in allodial lands occurred between the Middle Ages and the Early Modern age. Behind these problems there was the conflict between the Sicilian barons and the Bourbon court; and, at that time different institutional systems and political conceptions emerged, leading to contrasting narratives on the history of the two Kingdoms of Naples and Sicily.
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