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INTRODUCTION: The authors present an algorithm of partial breast reconstruction following quadrantectomy that allows to restore the breast volume defect with the use of pedicled perforator flaps.MATERIAL AND METHODS: Between March 2009 and May 2010, at the Plastic and Reconstructive Institute of University of Palermo, pedicled perforator flaps were used to integrate volume and/or breast skin in 12 patients after benign and malignant breast tumors. The flaps used were based on perforators of the thoraco-dorsal artery (TDAP) and of the intercostal arteries (ICAP). TDAP flaps were used to reconstruct defects in any breast quadrant, while ICAP perforator were used to reconstruct lateral and central inferior pole defects.RESULTS: All flaps survived completely. Breast size, shape and volume were satisfactorily restored. Contralateral breast procedure to adjust symmetry were not necessary. Donor sites scars were well hidden in the inframammary fold or under the brassiere.CONCLUSIONS : Partial breast reconstruction can be performed, in selected patients, with pedicled perforator flaps to restore both volume, shape and skin envelope. Donor site scars are negligible and better with the anterior ICAP because the scar is hidden in the submammary sulcus.
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