Alcune considerazioni sulle intese stipulate il 4 aprile 2007 in attuazione dell'art. 8.3 Cost. e sulla loro mancata approvazione

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AbstractA radical change of the composition of the population from a religious point of view emerged in the last twenty years of the twentieth century in Italy together with the late unsettled realization of the instrument of agreements with the non-catholic denominations provided by art. 8.3 of the Constitution. We must reflect about continuing to go along with the path traced by the constituents or find other solutions to answer the even more insistent requests made by the large number of religious groups in the country, which are still subject to the obsolete provisions of 1929-1930. The agreements stipulated by Prodi’s Government on April 2007 and their failure made evident by the fact that after two years, six of these are still waiting to be presented to Parliament by the Government for approval, show what it is that went wrong and what should be done to modernize the relations between the State and the religious minorities respecting the principle of equal freedom, present in the 1° subsection of art.8 Cost., which should be the main rule of Italian ecclesiastic law
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