ADVP for inclusive education

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Today an estimated 110 million people are at risk of social exclusion in Europe. This presents society, entrepreneurs and policy makers with a challenge that calls for social innovation of all types to tackle low skills, unemployment, discrimination, barriers to disabled people, poor health and other factors associated with social exclusion. A correct and meaningful teen-ager education should aim to guarantee a great mastery of oneself and to help teenagers develop an autonomous and responsible personality. Therefore, recognizing their own limits and responsibilities, teenagers are able to make choices suitable to their own possibilities and fit for the context in which it develops him his where they live. Among the various methodologies for the development career maturity, at the end of adolescence, we have been proposed the "Activation du Développement Vocationnel et Personnel" (ADVP) conceived at the University of Laval (Québec, Canada) which has received different applications in educational field in Europe. This methodology has been adopted because it allows teachers to run innovative didactic interventions in the form of problems related to the experience of the students and, at the same time, it involved all school discipline.The paper presents the educational-didactic project that has been planned with the intent of provoking some professional improvements in the teachers and to contribute to the vocational maturity in the pupils of the last years of secondary school, 1st grade.
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