ADCP velocity profiles analisys in the Castellammare gulf

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Velocity profiles have been collected in three points within the Castellammare gulf at around 1500 m far from the coastline. This area is characterized by the presence of an aquaculture farm that positioned 5 floating cages in this zone. The impact of this activity on the environment strictly depends on the currents and water exchange. The general aim of this research is the characterization of the circulation characteristics of this area. The analysis ofthe free surface oscillations shows the typical behaviour of tide forcing, with high minima and maxima during the night, due to the higher moon attraction during these hours compared with the morning hours. A prevalent current direction from South-West to North-East has been recorded at each depth. This direction is almost parallel to the coastline. This behaviour is probably determined by morphology of the area and the general circulation of the Castellammare gulf.
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2009

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