Adapting agroforestry to future climate scenarios: The LIFE project Desert-Adapt

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Increasing scientific evidences indicate that agroforestry is a land use that can support economic, social and environmental sustainability, thus promoting resistance and resilience towards ongoing climate changes. The implementation and management of agroforestry systems still face social, economic and political barriers. Mediterranean agroecosystems suffer from increasingly negative climate change effects and urgent measures are needed to improve their rural economy while protecting soils and the environment. In this context, the LIFE Project Desert-Adapt: “Preparing desertification areas for increased climate change” (, aims to demonstrate the feasibility of innovative climate adaptation strategies and measures, based on the agroforestry concept, over 1000 hectares at risk of desertification in Italy, Spain and Portugal. The core of the project is the Desert Adaptation Model (DAM), an integrative development model fitted to the specific requirements of each farm which guide the implementation of sustainable agroforestry systems (e.g. montado, dehesa). The results will be evaluated through an array of multidisciplinary social, economic and environmental indicators. The project will deal with the most common conceptual, technical, and legal constraints encountered along the implementation and management of agroforestry systems in marginal lands and its results will fill the gap between farmers’ needs and policy makers at local and global level.
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