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Talking about soil consumption means talking about a current issue that has its basis in a long history and that is complex and articulated. The complexity and uncertainty of the concept of soil consumption is also in its history that is connected to that of land use. Therefore, defining clearly the term soil consumption is difficult despite the rich literature on the subject available today. It could be said that soil consumption must be understood as an anthropic process that operates a transformation, through the realization, mainly in agricultural areas, of different kinds of infrastructures that often destroy the environmental characteristics of the territory. The problem of soil consumption is not limited to urban areas, but we can also find it in protected areas, in those constrained for landscape protection, in those with hydraulic, landslide or seismic hazard. There is no doubt that in order to stop the wicked soil consumption that has caused so much damage it is necessary not only a widespread awareness but also a law that regulates the issue. A national law that states clear principles and rules for zero soil consumption, for a gradual reduction of the building capacity of land, an incentive for the regeneration. In recent years, many draft laws have been issued with reference to different areas of national and regional scale that also focus on the issue of environmental emergency. A new national law is now necessary to clarify the role of planning on this issue.
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