Ad ogni società i propri media

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In these short notes I will try to offer some reflections starting from what has been punctually and preciously highlighted on this working morning. Mario Morcellini addressed - referring to some cases explicitly and, indirectly, considering them anyway relevant for the issue - the issue of values in the media e the urgent need for an "ethical reading" of media. An ethical reading - out of any guiding presumption and / or legislation - which reaffirms not only the fact, now increasingly sedimented through research carried out over the years on so-called traditional media and the latest research on new media, that the mitopoiesis of a neutrality of the medium is, for the note, misleading. But also that the relevance attributed to communication via media risked obscuring the relevant question of the still central relationship between society, communication and media. The groundlessness of what he defines as "euphoria towards the media", it generates, today, the need to re-propose the "social" issue inherent in the "space that the media have had” in the project of modernity. That is, on how much of this project is found if we observe the communication as a process, as it is declining via new media
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