Accessibilità e uso sostenibile del patrimonio architettonico. Superuser e baukultur per un rinnovamento metodologico

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Accessibility in the architectural heritage, a topic that has been debated for decades, has evolved in cultural orientations, in legislation and technical regulations and in operational reality. The topic touches on complex and changing issues: material and immaterialaspects; demographic and socio-economic factors; uses (practiced and desired) by people with different motor, intellectual, cognitive and emotional skills; values and meanings that each generation tends to attribute to the cultural heritage. After linkingaccessibility to advances in the use of heritage, the paper describes the progressive qualitative and quantitative extension of this requisite.The wide and varied field of application and the continuous evolution of meanings make the accessibility of the built environment an ever-current theme and bring out the needfor continuously refining the tools and methods to be adopted to guarantee this important contributing factor to sustainable use. For this reason, after describing the disciplinarycontribution of architecture technology to the topic of accessibility, the concepts of superuser and baukultur are indicated as open-ended perspectives for future transdisciplinaryresearch development.
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Titolo della pubblicazione ospiteL’ACCESSIBILITÀ NEL PATRIMONIO ARCHITETTONICO : approcci ed esperienze tra tecnologia e restauro
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2021

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