A Sustainable and Zero Energy Healthcare Facility in Mozambique

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Sustainable urban development, especially in economically disadvantaged regions, has increasinglybecome a major strategic priority. New settlements and urban regeneration programs have toimprove the quality of social life, promote economic growth, increase environmental protectionpractices, and ensure the appropriate use of local resources. In that framework, a well-structuredhealthcare service is commonly conceived as vital for urban development. In response, this paperproposes the construction of one such healthcare facility in a deprived urban area in Maputo,Mozambique. Prioritising typical pillars of sustainability, the project’s design considers traditionalbuilding typology and shape, involves local building techniques and materials, accommodatesdominant climatic and cultural factors, and seeks to take advantage of renewable energy. Anintegrated approach has been used to characterise the structure’s thermophysical characteristics, theheating, ventilation, and air conditioning plants layout, and the design of renewable energy systems,all to ensure its compliance with health structures standards and the specific structure’s energyautonomy. A detailed analysis of indoor comfort conditions has also been made by adopting twoapproaches: a modified Fanger Predicted Mean Vote with an expectancy factor and adaptive comfortmodels. In sum, all of the proposed structure’s services will be guaranteed by 100% renewableenergy.
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2016


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