Nowadays, the use of molecular biology in forensics has made it possible to identify human victim and sometimeseven the circumstances under which the death occurred through. In our case, a corpse of a 50-years old man with agunshot wound was found in the woods.The suspected murderer declared that it had been a hunting accident while he shot a wild boar. During the autopsy,a bullet (Borra-bullet Gualandi, 32 gr) was found in the abdomen of the victim.The authors investigated the presence of boar and victim blood both on the bullet, in order to substantiate the thesisof the hunting accident.Laboratory investigations underscored the presence of human cellular material on the bullet, which corresponds toprofile of the victim and human and porcine ribosomal DNA.Through this investigation, the authors showed that it was a hunting accident, because the bullet passed throughthe body of the boar before hitting the victim.
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2010


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