A study of the pattern of digestive enzimes in Diplodus puntazzo (Cetti, 1777) (Osteychthyes, Sparidae): evidence for the definition of nutritional protocols

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The digestive enzymes (proteases, carbohydrases and lipases) present alongthe alimentary tract of juveniles and adults of Diplodus puntazzo were studied. The dataobtained showed a different distribution of the enzymatic activities in the different partsof the alimentary tract. Levels of enzymatic activity in the adults were higher than thosemeasured in juveniles, suggesting that adults have a greater ability to digest larger piecesof food. The enzymatic pattern of D. puntazzo justifies its omnivorous habit and suggestsan high potential for digesting vegetable polysaccharides. The results of this studysuggest the need to adapt the diet to the digestive potential of this new farming species,thus contributing to the attainment of a product that is qualitatively more similar to thewild one.
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