A strategy for the identification of building structures under base excitations

Liborio Cavaleri, Giuseppina Amato

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In this paper the evolution of a time domain dynamic identification technique based on a statistical momentapproach is presented. This technique is usable in the case of structures under base random excitations in thelinear state and in the non linear one. By applying Itoˆ stochastic calculus special algebraic equations can beobtained depending on the statistical moments of the response of the system to be identified. Such equationscan be used for the dynamic identification of the mechanical parameters and of the input. The above equations,differently from many techniques in the literature, show the possibility to obtain the identification of thedissipation characteristics independently from the input. Through the paper the first formulation of thistechnique, applicable to non linear systems, based on the use of a restricted class of the potential models, ispresented. Further a second formulation of the technique in object, applicable to each kind of linear systems andbased on the use of a class of linear models characterized by a mass proportional damping matrix, is described.
Lingua originaleEnglish
Numero di pagine8
Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2008


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