A Simulation of daylight levels for the determination of visual comfort in large spaces

Angelo Milone, Daniele Milone, Pitruzzella Salvatore

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In sizable environments, such as the collective areasof a big university building, characterised by verylong corridors, large hallways and broad glazedsurfaces, the daytime illumination factor is often onlyexcellent near to the latter, due to theirpredominantly horizontal, rather than vertical, nature.His study, which has been carried out thanks to asimulation software, shows the results of acorrelation between light contributions, come outfrom the wide glass surface and those of a bigskylight which cross lenghtways the main part of thebuilding.Such results have been compared with someinstrumental measurements considering the shiftingand getting from them important informations onsimulations reliability.
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2007


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