A Simple Method to Assess Loadability of Radial Distribution Networks

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This paper proposes a simple method to assesloadability in radial distribution systems. The relevant problemof voltage stability has been dealt with in past times withreference to higher voltage systems for generation andtransmission. In more recent papers, the problem has beenconsidered also at distribution level, since the new electricalenergy market requirements and the increasing loadings are nowmore and more influencing these systems.The proposed method is based on a static approach andproceeds by first evaluating the stability indices and then thedifferent loadability factors (related to real, reactive andapparent power). These calculations are carried out byidentifying, starting from the network state in a defined loadingcondition, an equivalent in terms of the transfer of power fromthe source node to the different network nodes. Then the nodeshowing the lowest stability index represents the weakest node inthe system in terms of voltage stability; the real, reactive orapparent loading factor of the equivalent between the supplynode and the weakest node represents the maximum loadingincrease (real, reactive or apparent) that the network can standwithout voltage collapse.Finally, for the considered loading factors, the results ondifferent test systems are reported and the comparison withheuristically attained loading factors prove that the obtainedresults show a small error, whose sign however preserves thesystem’s security.
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