A real options based support system to openinnovation

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Pharmaceutical R&D process (PR&DP) has been deeplyinvestigated by different streams of literature; the interest is due to the strategicimplication of the related decisions undertaken. The PR&DP has beenrevolutionised by the biotech advent and as a consequence R&D managerscannot avoid to consider Open Innovation paradigm during this decisionprocess. Starting from a Real Option optimization model available in literature,the paper aims at proposing a decision support system (DSS) able to suggestthe candidate products to be included in the best R&D portfolio varying inputparameters (resilient products), to provide a products Pareto analysis that aimsat individuating the products for which it is worthwhile to acquire a deeperinput parameters knowledge and to draw what if rules. The proposed DSS hasbeen applied to a numerical example available in literature and researchfindings show interesting managerial and academic implications.
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2012


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