A New Kinematic and Dynamic Direct Adaptive Fuzzy Control of Constrained Mobile Wheeled Vehicles

Ludovico Salvatore Ciancimino, Maurizio Melluso

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In this paper a new kinematic and dynamic adaptive Fuzzy control is applied to a trajectory tracking problem of a constrained vehicle with two indipendent wheels. The vehicle dynamics and kinematics are completely unknown. A dynamical and kinematical adaptive control provide to on line estimation of the dynamic and kinematic parameters of the vehicle model. Moreover the parameters of the kinematic control law are obtained using a Fuzzy controller and they are time varying and dependent on tracking errors. The stabililty of the kinematic and dynamic adaptive Fuzzy control system and the convergence of tracking errors to zero are proved using Lyapunov's method and Barbalat's Lemma. The effectiveness and efficiency of the proposed controller are demonstrated through simulation studies
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2005
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