A Hybrid Solar Cells Integrated Glassblock and Prestressed Panel made of Dry-Assembled Glassblocks for the Construction of Translucent Building Envelopes

Luisa Pastore (Inventor), Rossella Corrao (Inventor), Marco Morini (Inventor)

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A glassblock integrated with hybrid photovoltaic cells (also known as Dye-sensitized Solar Cell - DSC) and a dry-assembled panel made of traditional or DSC-integrated glassblocks are disclosed. The combination of the glassblock and the DSC module, allows the improvement of the glassblock performance in terms of energy saving and production. The final complete product owns the qualities of both the components (glassblock and DSC module) that are optimized to produce clean energy. The transparency and the thermo-acoustic insulation of the glassblock may be modulated according to the specific requirements of each case of installation. Since the DSCs can be printed in different colours and with various patterns, it is possible to intervene also on the glassblock aesthetical aspect and to easily make drawings on the building façades, thanks to the modularity of the glassblock and the panel. Moreover, DSCs can be energetically active in different light conditions (even in diffuse light, also converting internal artificial light) and independently from the angle of the solar radiation. The invention presents seven Hypotheses of integration of the DSCs with glassblock and the system to assemble the new product and/or the traditional glassblock in prestressed panels, which constitute the building envelope even in high-rise buildings. This assembly system implies favourable economies in terms of costs and materials, since further technical elements for the construction of the building envelope are no more needed. The supporting structure of the panel is constituted by plastic profiles that are placed in the horizontal and vertical cavities resulting from the juxtaposition of the glassblocks. The supporting structure houses stiffening steel rods and electric connections (in case of DSC-integrated glassblocks for the construction of photovoltaic panels). To overcome the limits due to the wet assembly system, traditionally used to assemble glassblocks, a prestressing force is applied to steel rods in order to confer to the panel an adequate mechanical resistance against the actions perpendicular to its installation plane, such as wind and earthquake. In this configuration the mechanical resistance of the glassblocks is exploited. The unidirectional prestress (along the prevalent dimension of the panel) is obtained through the grip of the nuts inserted in the steel rods, opposing to the steel plates positioned at the top and bottom of the panel. The steel plates are positioned on plastic plates fixed to the lateral faces of the glassblocks by means of resins.
Lingua originaleEnglish
Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2013


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