A dissipated energy comparison to evaluate fatigue resistance using 2PB

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Flexural fatigue due to repeated traffic loading is a process of cumulative damage and one of the main failure modes of flexible pavement structures. Typically, micro-cracks originate at the bottom of an asphalt concrete layer due to horizontal tensile strains. Micro-cracking starts to propagate towards the upper layers under repeated loading which can lead to pavement failure.Different approaches are usually used to characterise fatigue resistance in asphalt mixtures including the phenomenological approach, the fracture mechanics approach and the dissipated energy approach. This paper presents a comparison of fatigue resistance calculated for different dissipated energy models using 2 Point Bending (2PB) at IFSTTAR in Nantes. 2PB tests have been undertaken under different loading and environmental conditions in order to evaluate the properties of the mixtures (stiffness, dissipated energy, fatigue life and healing effect).
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