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  • Antonio Palma
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Physical fitness assessment in Goalball: A scoping review of the literature

Petrigna, L., Giustino, V., Battaglia, G., Palma, A., Zangla, D., Battaglia, G., Palma, A. & Palma, R., 2020, In : Heliyon. 6, pag. e04407- 5 pag.

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The impact of physical activity on psychological health during Covid-19 pandemic in Italy

Palma, A., Battaglia, G., Castrogiovanni, P., Pippi, R., Maugeri, G., Musumeci, G., Di Rosa, M., D'Agata, V. & Di Rosa, M., 2020, In : Heliyon. 6, pag. e04315- 8 pag.

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How do sports affect static baropodometry? An observational study among women living in southern Italy

Feka, K., Petrucci, M., Palma, A., Giustino, V., Bianco, A., Iovane, A., Russo, G., Petrucci, M., Giustino, V., Messina, G., Piccione, M. C., Pomara, F., Pomara, F. & Messina, G., 2019, In : HUMAN MOVEMENT. 20, pag. 9-16 8 pag.

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1 Citazioni (Scopus)

Physical activity programs for balance and fall prevention in elderly: A systematic review

Leonardi, V., Thomas, E., Palma, A., Patti, A., Battaglia, G., Bellafiore, M., Thomas, E., Patti, A., Battaglia, G., Brusa, J., Bellafiore, M., Leonardi, V., Palma, A. & Brusa, J., 2019, In : MEDICINE. 98, pag. e16218-e16227 9 pag.

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8 Citazioni (Scopus)

Protein supplement consumption is linked to time spent exercising and high-protein content foods: A multicentric observational study

Thomas, E., Martines, F., Leonardi, V., Palma, A., Bianco, A., Antonio, P., Paulo, G., Goktug, E., Fatma Nese, S. & Bettina, K., 2019, In : Heliyon. 5, pag. e01508- 17 pag.

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The development of motor and pre-literacy skills by a physical education program in preschool children: A non-randomized pilot trial

Bellafiore, M., Palma, A., Battaglia, G., Alesi, M., Battaglia, G., Bellafiore, M., Tabacchi, G., Palma, A. & Tabacchi, G., 2019, In : Frontiers in Psychology. 9, pag. 2694- 10 pag.

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The efficacy of muscle energy techniques in symptomatic and asymptomatic subjects: A systematic review

Thomas, E., Palma, A., Bianco, A., Thomas, E., Mani, D., Cavallaro, A. R. & Cavallaro, A. R., 2019, In : CHIROPRACTIC & MANUAL THERAPIES. 27, pag. 35- 18 pag.

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Effetti dell'attività fisica in pazienti in età evolutiva con AIG e deficit posturali e di equilibrio: uno studio pilota

Iovane, A., Bianco, A., Palma, A., Corsello, G., Maggio, M. C., Messina, G. & Brusa, J., 2017, 73° Congresso Nazionale SIP - Atti. 1 pag.

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6 Citazioni (Scopus)

The effects of a calisthenics training intervention on posture, strength and body composition

Bianco, A., Palma, A., Thomas, E., Patti, A., Paoli, A., Messina, G., Messina, G. & Tabacchi, G., 2017, In : Isokinetics and Exercise Science. 25, pag. 215-222 8 pag.

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The influence of sounds in postural control

Martines, F., Thomas, E., Bianco, A., Salvago, P., Palma, A., Messina, G., Sireci, F., Messina, G., Mucia, M. & Rizzo, S., 2017, Hearing Loss: Etiology, Management and Societal Implications. pag. 1-11 11 pag.

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The motor development of preterm infants after the neonatal intensive care unit

Salvago, P., Ferrara, S., Thomas, E., Palma, A., Martines, F., Martines, F., Messina, G., Messina, G. & Rizzo, S., 2017, Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICUs): Clinical and Patient Perspectives, Levels of Care and Emerging Challenges. pag. 69-90 22 pag.

Risultato della ricerca: Chapter

13 Citazioni (Scopus)

A prospective analysis of the injury incidence of young male professional football players on artificial turf

Bianco, A., Thomas, E., Palma, A., Petrucci, M., Paoli, A., Petrucci, M., Sahin, F. N., Spedicato, M., Messina, G. & Messina, G., 2016, In : Asian Journal of Sports Medicine. 7, pag. e28425-

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