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  • Carmelo Sunseri

Fabrication and characterization of Metal and Metal Oxide Nanostructures Grown by metal displacement deposition into anodic alumina membranes

Ferrara, G., Sunseri, C., Inguanta, R. & Piazza, S., 2011, Chemical Engineering Transactions, Volume 24, 2011. pag. 199-204 6 pag. (Chemical Engineering Transactions).

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Nanostructured Material Fabrication for Energy Conversion

Inguanta, R., Piazza, S., Ferrara, G., Sunseri, C. & Vergottini, F. G., 2011, In : ECS Transactions. 32, pag. 55-63 9 pag.

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PVA-based acidic hydrogel electrolyte

Inguanta, R., Mistretta, M. C., Piazza, S., Ferrara, G. & Sunseri, C., 2011, pag. P60-P60. 1 pag.

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Ruthenium Oxide Nanotubes Via Template Electrosynthesis

Sunseri, C., Piazza, S., Ferrara, G., Inguanta, R., Livreri, P., Inguanta, R., Ferrara, G., Sunseri, C. & Piazza, S., 2011, In : Current Nanoscience. 7, pag. 210-218 9 pag.

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SnCo Nanowire array as negative electrode for lithium-ion batteries

Sunseri, C., Piazza, S., Inguanta, R., Damen, L., Arbizzani, C. & Mastragostino, M., 2011, In : Journal of Power Sources. 196, pag. 1469-1473 5 pag.

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37 Citazioni (Scopus)

Electrochemical deposition of CIGS on electropolished Mo

Livreri, P., Sunseri, C., Inguanta, R., Spano', T. & Piazza, S., 2012, Fuelling the Future: Advances in Science and Technologies for Energy Generation. pag. 183-187 5 pag.

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High-performing Sn-Co nanowire electrodes as anodes for lithium-ion batteries

Ferrara, G., Inguanta, R., Piazza, S., Sunseri, C., Damen, L., Ferrara, G., Guidotti, M., Arbizzani, C., Mastragostino, M. & Lazzari, M., 2012, In : Journal of Power Sources. 211, pag. 103-107 5 pag.

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Deposition of very thin uniform indium sulfide layers over metallic nano-rods by the Spray-Ion Layer Gas Reaction method

Sunseri, C., Inguanta, R., Piazza, S., Sáez-Araoz, Zykov, Genduso, Fischer & Kelch, 2013, In : Thin Solid Films. 548, pag. 91-97 7 pag.

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Electrodeposition and Photo-electrochemical behaviour of CIGS Thin Films and Nanowires arrays for Solar Cell

Inguanta, R., Piazza, S., Sunseri, C., Oliveri, R. L. & Spano', T., 2013, Chemical Engineering Transactions. pag. 343-348 6 pag. (CHEMICAL ENGINEERING TRANSACTIONS).

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