Teorie e pratiche della politica nel mondo musulmano: matrici islamiche, rilettura della storia, nuove ricomposizioni

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It will be analysed the establishing process of some political patterns of classical Islam, reconstructing their settlement according to the different historical contexts. It will be proved the concrete evidence of the theoretical paradigms, considering that practice and theory always interact. The research will select some of the most representative tendencies belonging to the issue of the roots of the Islamic world, especially those which had a re-examination in contemporary history. It will be verified the diachrony of the process of transmission through different kinds of reading, from a collection potentially unlimited. The Islamic world will be considered in its wholeness as a worldwide system, therefore the research will point out some of the most representative cases from the countries of the Near East to the Indian sub-continent. Considering the recent considerable immigration flows, the research will also analyse the phenomena concerning cultural and political identity in Muslim communities in migration countries. It will be favoured the historical-literary approach to point out concepts evolved and re-examined in the progress of events. The research will make use of philological and linguistic means of investigation which exploits Arabic and Indo-Iranian skills of the scholars participating at the project, from the Universities of Palermo and Rome. Concerning contemporary history, it would be necessary an investigation on the spot. Concerning former periods it would be necessary the use of historical-literary sources and archaeological-artistic ones.
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