Sustainable Multi-functional Automated Resilient TRansport Infrastructures - SMARTI ETN

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European Training Network on Sustainable Multi-functional Automated Resilient Transport Infrastructures, will bring together the best of what we have today with the best of what is to come, so create a stimulating platform where the stakeholders of the transport infrastructure sector will work alongside with developers of high-tech sensors, advanced monitoring equipment, software developers, etc., in order to enable talented engineering graduates to envision the future of roads, railways and airports. The SMARt Transport Infrastructures will be designed to last by being environmental-friendly, economically viable and social inclusive (Sustainable), conceived not for transport purposes only and towards optimisation of land use (Multi-functional), equipped for communicating with managers and users, so to allow a more intuitive use and a simplified management (Automated), built to be adaptable to natural and anthropic hazards (Resilient). The consortium will combine and share expertise to offer advanced scientific training structured into network-wide thematic taught modules combined with original research supported by secondments that will expose fellows to both academia and industry and will also allow them with the possibility to be award with Doctoratus Europeus. The training programme will be enriched by specific modules to support job creation by enabling the fellows with business, entrepreneurship, communication, project management and other transferrable skills. A dedicated programme for Dissemination and Outreach will evaluate the frameworks and variety of channels and means appropriate to allow the fellows to be prepared and successful in reaching both scientific and larger public audiences. As a result, SMARTI ETN will enable a new generation of highly-skilled and appealing researchers, professionals, people to envision the future of transport infrastructures tailored to the European transport networks and for the benefit of the European community.
Data di inizio/fine effettiva5/2/165/1/20


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