Study of degradation of aged epoxy in a repository environment

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    The assignment includes a literature survey potentially combined with calculations, if deemed necessary, to identifypossible chemical products resulting from the degradation of the aged epoxy in a KBS-3 repository environment, inaccordance with the submitted quotation. When the various types of possible organic substances have beendetermined, the effect of these, if any, on the chemical system in a broken copper canister should be appraised. Thework is to be performed mainly as a literature study, and any calculations considered necessary shall be performedaccording to verified and validated methods. The assignment will be carried out by Clelia Dispenza (in cooperationwith Mats Jonsson, KTH, Sweden) and results are to be submitted in a written report to the contact person at SKB, Lena Z Evins
    Data di inizio/fine effettiva11/1/151/31/16