Status and conservation of Saker Falcon

Progetto: Research project

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Lavoro di Ricerca commissionato da MME-Birdlife Hungary con sede a Budapest AttivitàActivities to be held with Dept of Environmental Biology and Biodiversity1) field survey - to survey wintering areas and list possible threats on Saker/Lanners; - to go after tagged Sakers if any arrives in Sicily; - random sampling/looking for Sakers in the areas that the 'model' predicts the possibility of Saker occurence;2) modelling in co-operation with my colleague (to apply various GIS layers on Saker occurrences to find out the common features and to determine similar areas in Sicily)3) preparing the conservation plan for Saker wintering areas (I can do that once we have the results of the field survey, and then you can revise and translate it)4) public awareness raising - preparing and distributing posters and leaflets (if needed, we have a creative here who can design them), using the existing conservation network;- organising a workshop for hunters, farmers, other interested parties.
Data di inizio/fine effettiva6/1/128/31/14