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This project builds on a problem and felt the need to overcome the problem is the digital divide, which acts as a barrier for many people, inhibiting access to the digital world, whether they are disabled, blind or simply older. The objective of this program then is the realization of Speaky Acutattile: intelligent assistant multichannel voice, a platform of digital systems and services designed to create a new interface to the digital world that is truly inclusive, that is time to significantly facilitate access to content and for digital services, now the prerogative of a minority, to include the target of such services and content 'all', even those who for various reasons, are not equipped with computer skills. This program includes both industrial research, both experimental development for a new computing platform technology enabling new digital content and services with a strong impact on the "house system" aimed at improving the quality of living for everyone, including new solutions assistive technology for the inclusion of the disabled. It will be an open platform to all potential partners who can develop content and applications "Made in Italy" highly accessible, even in terms of language as a platform will be located in more than twenty languages. The new platform will produce enabling new services based infrastructure hardware and software client / server and provide access both from home / office, both in mobility. The sub-server and client are structured to configure from the viewpoint of one service transparent to the user: The front end is an avatar that speaks to you and it accepts requests to meet them then uses resources and local content or remote depending on the specific request. Client side: there will be a box with a PC like the Avatar board with the most advanced technology of speech recognition and synthesis, accessible through a special voice and innovative wireless multifunction device, the heart of the new platform, which acts as a remote / phone but especially is a new device input / output mouse like, which facilitates the interaction at all, especially to blind and visually impaired. This device is meanwhile a remote / phone in particular with a special button push-to-talk (similar to that used in walkie-talkie), which is pressing can give voice commands that are sent to the box-PC. Besides being a special remote / wireless phone, the new device has another innovative feature is a new interface mechatronics mouse-like PC allows and enables a new mode / interface input / output sound and touch (hence Acutattile) that may be useful to all users, particularly blind and visually impaired. Linked to-box PC Finally, in addition to a system of sensors and actuators for home automation voice interaction with the environment home (or office), there will be an innovative system for monitoring postural: The system will monitor users at home and monitored posture may indicate the critical situation in which the person loses monitored directions or falls. The system includes biometric sensors finally for measuring parameters vital for telemedicine and remote. Server side: there will be a full service center equipped with computational resources in connection with the various box-client PC in broadband and have a call center operators as the second human level with the system automatically, if this is not sufficient to meet to the needs of the user. Always will be the first server system that allows semantic interaction in (pseudo) natural language, the system of e-learning and the manager speaks form of audiobook. The platform is adaptive: the autorganizzazione system involves the use of a mode of interaction or another depending on the type of user who uses it, for example if they are blind you to organize a massive use of the device acutattile, if partially sighted acutattile use the device with a magnifying video.
Data di inizio/fine effettiva6/1/115/31/14


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