SELINUS OBSERVEDA Scholarly DVD Resource for the Architecture, Archaeology and Art of Ancient Selinus

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Elaborazione di foto, film, cartografie di rilievo e di progetto sull'area archeologica di SelinunteThe two primary aims of this research initiative is to: 1] bring special UoA expertise to supporting a collaborative Auckland-Palermo design research and design teaching project, and; 2] to publish a scholarly interactive teaching resource presenting an extraordinarily large and rich archaeological site, Selinus [modern Selinunte, Sicily], and its artifacts, to students of archaitecture and archaeology. We expect the product, an interactive DVD documenting the topography, architecture and archaeology finds to be a model of its kind. We will ‘compile’ information which cannot, as yet, be accessed and understood by even the most intrepid student/visitor due to two unusual conditions: 1] the huge extent (270ha) of the Parco Archeologico e Antiquarium Selinus, the largest classical site in Europe, and the fact that modern interventions by archaeologists-architects [Orsi, Minissi and others] which aimed to interpret the site have, in fact, skewed the perception of the ancient site through the introduction of new entrances, roads, axes and berms to accommodate visitors; 2] the modern removal , that is since the late 18thC, of all the finds, starting with the famed metopes, to [what is now] the Museo Archeologico Regionale ‘Antonio Salinas’ in Palermo. We are proposing, in a virtual way, to put the considerable remains of ancient Selinus ‘back together‘ again first as a trial resource for the planned and approved joint 2007 Studio Auckland Palermo [Laboratorio di Progettazione Architettonica Palermo-Auckland 2007] to be run in close conjunction with the Sopraintendenza ai Beni Culturali ed Ambientali Sicilia di Trapani. The Sopraintendenza, who administer, excavate and maintain the Parco AA Selinus, were very interested in the published reports on Sbacchi and my 2004 Artifact/Artifatto joint studio project and have urged us into an agreement on research and documentation based at the Universita degli Studi Palermo with future design consultation in mind. While in the shortest term the DVD will be an essential, state-of-the-art visualisation of the site and artifacts, for the Auckland students in 2007 studio [before the 5 week program in Sicily]. the longer term aim is to open a collaboration with the Faccolta di Architettura in Palermo, the Sopraintendenza in Trapani, and the Museo AR ‘Antonio Salinas’ to develop this DVD prototype, and possibly others for other Sicilian sites such as Agrigento and Segesta, for the scholarly and tourist market, and for programs such as Auckland’s and others such as the nascent Palermo-Pennsylvania program at Agrigento [Sbacchi and Martemucci].
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