Science case study and scientific simulations for the enhanced X-ray Timing Polarimetry mission, eXTP

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eXTP (enhanced X-ray Timing Polarimetry) is an X-ray astronomy mission designed to study matter under extreme conditions of density, gravity and magnetism. Primary goals are the determination of the equation of state of matter at supranuclear density, the physics in extremely strong magnetic fields, the study of accretion in strong-field gravity regime. Primary targets include isolated and binary neutron stars, strong magnetic-field systems like magnetars, and stellar-mass and supermassive black holes. Among the key activities during mission phase-B (kicked-off by the Consortium in February 2019) are new and detailed analyses focusing on the flow-down of the payload requirements. Our goal is to carry out a deeper evaluation of instrument trade-offs, through the exploitation of new diagnostics that have emerged from recent studies and the investigation of still unexplored science cases. The proposed activities include also support for scientific simulations to the whole community, which will reinforce the Italian position in its Lead Funding Agency role within the eXTP European Consortium.
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