Rule of Law. Claiming Justice in Europe. ROLE

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This project will address: 1. The achievement of European area of Justice and the coordination of the different systems of Justice in order to enforce the citizen’s rights throughout the Union. 2. The problems of legitimacy and the dynamics of the rule of law in the EU context. 3. The multilevel governance system challenging the rule of law. 4. The promotion of rights in the EU territory after the Lisbon Treaty and its implications. 5. The perspective of EU citizens and the functionality of the rule of law. 6. The challenges for EU in harmonizing different cultural backgrounds and different legal systems. The collaborative project ROLE responds to this call by examining the role and impact of the Rule of Law, seen as a label under which the problem of the legitimacy of the law lays. More precisely, the focus of the project is on the legitimacy of the EU law, i.e. on the quest for legitimacy from EU citizens.
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