Redesigning Introductory Computer Programming Using Innovative Online Modules

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The Covid-19 Pandemic enforced the education system to change radically. Almost all universities worldwide were suddenly forced to shift all their education to virtual learning in response to the pandemic. Support for lecturers' professional development is crucial, and course design is even more critical than in traditional education settings. Online teaching brings major challenges to faculty members. Since the traditional education system mostly prevails in many European countries, teachers and students in online education have problems, especially for engineering departments, due to dense curriculum on hand-zone and practical lessons. Other problems center around the experience in online teaching/learning, students' collaboration, lack of support from lecturers, the complexity of materials provided, and inappropriate homework environment. These facts reduce satisfaction and enthusiasm for both students and educators. Therefore, compliance with online lectures with existing curricula related to engineering studies is highly necessary. Our effort focuses on Computer Programming and Algorithms lecture that is a core element for all engineering disciplines in this project. Computer Programming and Algorithms is a complicated course to teach and learn. It is now even more difficult on online platforms. Today, Industry 4.0 and 5.0 topics are emerging fields and have rising demand during the pandemic period. The increasing interest in artificial intelligence and machine learning applications is closely related to them. Under current circumstances, online Computer Programming and Algorithms courses must be addressed with innovative solutions to support this level with well-educated professionals. In this project, teachers will be trained to overcome online education challenges while preparing adequate course material suits to common Computer Programming and Algorithms lectures. In this way, we design appropriate online teaching methods for this lecture and integrate them with online technologies to improve students' learning motivation and interest, maintain students' concentration, and enhance students' learning. Our objective is to develop a well-structured online teaching method for computer programming and algorithms related courses, as Computational Physics. For this purpose, educators will get trained on online education pedagogies and didactics to face challenges with the lack of student satisfaction. Adaptation of online pedagogy and educational materials for this course will be one that emphasizes student-centered learning and employs active learning activities. This new course materials will be able to implement for both online & hybrid educational systems. In particular, the project aims at persuading educators to amalgamate immersive technologies in online educational programs while developing their pedagogical knowledge to boost student’s willingness to moreover involvement.
Data di inizio/fine effettiva6/1/215/31/23


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