Rationality and Attention in Children

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Studies conducted with adults suggest that traditional choice models assuming that consumers are rational and aware of all possible alternatives for sale are not realistic. While individual cognitive abilities have been shown to influence adults' choices, little is known on their role at younger ages. The aim of this research project is to understand how children’s rationality and attention evolves across different age groups and influence their choices. We plan to develop theoretical models that will be the basis of a large Discrete Choice Experiment with a sample of school-age children in the city of Naples. Insights from behavioural science proved to be very important for policy makers willing to design policies that help consumers to make aware, rational and healthier choices. Investigating the effects of irrationality and inattention is even more important in children that, given their inexperience, are a vulnerable consumer group. Results of this study will shed light on an unexplored topic and could prove greatly valuable in designing effective public policies.
Data di inizio/fine effettiva2/6/202/5/23


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