Project 2016-006: ‘Practical actions for preserving the main European population of Lanner falcon’

Progetto: Research project

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Layman's description

The project aims to support the conservation of the threatened European subspecies of Lanner falcon (F. b. feldeggii). The projects abstracted here is the natural prosecution of activities carried out by the project “Climate change and animal populations: predictive models for mammals and birds” supported by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research (PRIN2010/2011-20108TZKHC). Actually, the PRIN project gives financial resources for maintaining activities until early spring 2016 and the support of NeEPF is asked here until October 2017.The project addressed to NeEPF would assure budget for maintaining activities after the end of the PRIN project. The combination of the two projects would allow more than three years of actions continuously put in place for Lanner conservation. The final outcome of such actions would be a better understanding of the population status in a strategic area for preserving the species by monitoring the breeding sites in most of Sicily, the ranking of sites on which concentrate all conservation actions, and the knowledge of movement ecology. Citizen participation in concrete conservation actions (guard camps) will decrease nest vandalism and chick robberies and increase public awareness on the species. Conservation guide-lines will be integrant part of the final outcome and a special issue will cover all the activities of the project.
Data di inizio/fine effettiva6/1/1610/31/17