Progetto Erasmus + Innovatives und multiperspektivisches Methodentool für eine multikulturelle Europäsiche Gesellschaft (Creare metodologie innovative e multiprospettiche per una società europea multiculturale )

Progetto: Research project

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Objectives of the project:•Global learning – realize the objective to give to all the people on this world the right of education•Comparation of the curriculas just existing in the field of adult learning in the partner intstitutions: summary or hand out of methodological and didactic strategies•Develop a tool of methods summarizing the methods in the partner institutions for using the content in different professional areas like educational context, therapeutic context, political context, personal context, group dynamic context or consulting context.•Creating a tool for teachers, educators and multipliers•Improve the situation o f migrants in European countries by integrating innovative tools which help the migrants and the teachers to exchange experiences and to enhance an intercultural living together.

Key findings

Data di inizio/fine effettiva10/31/1610/30/18