Non-invasive and multi-analytical approach to the discovering of “Old Believer Faith icons” of VETKA Museum (Gomel Region, Vetka)

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The goal of this Project is to deepen the skills in the Archaeometric field with carrying out example investigation of selected Icons saved at Vetka Museum of Old Believer Faith and Belarusian Traditions in the Gomel region (Belarus). The Old Believers' icons constitute an immense historical heritage for Belarus and their safeguarding contribute to the knowledge of the religious customs of the Country. The identification of the materials (pigments and binders) provides a decisive contribution to the correct historical and artistic placement of an artefact or to the history of an archaeological object. In addition, the identification of materials allows to trace the cause of any problem, identifying the formed products generated by the transformation of the original materials, the presence of foreign materials to the original work and provide a support for an appropriate project of restoration work. The Diagnostic studies will be planned following a virtuous protocol based on the use of various analytical techniques, non-invasive or micro-invasive, applicable in situ through the use of portable instruments, that provide complementary information, aimed at providing useful information both to the knowledge of the artefact. Training activities will be planned in order to transfer the knowledge and the skill in the field of Archeometric investigation and of Conservation Science.
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