New Material Processing Technologies for Sustainable Future

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This Marie Curie IRSES project involves 4 European and 3 Chinese institutions with 70 researchers to participate in a comprehensive exchange programme in developing new and innovative material processing technologies for future generation of sustainable manufacturing, a vital area for continued success and competitiveness of EU economy and for the realisation of smart, sustainable and inclusive growth of the Europe 2020 strategy. All partners within the consortium are fully committed to the project not just because they bring together a highly complementary knowledge base, a critical mass of researchers with expertise in a wide scope of material processing technologies and a pool of state-of-the-art facilities and infrastructure. More importantly they have a shared vision and aspiration for developing long-term research collaboration and technical innovation in new material processing technologies for a sustainable future.

The project sets out three ambitious goals for maximised technical innovation, knowledge transfer/creation and dissemination. These goals will be achieved by
• carrying out extensive collaborative research and joint activities in the field of new material processing technologies for stimulated creativity and innovative solutions with identified areas of industrial applications;
• facilitating exchange of experienced staff and talented young researchers for transfer of knowledge and skills through various forms of activities including organisation of research seminars/workshops, summer schools and high profile conferences;
• disseminating high quality research and establishing long-term collaboration through joint research programmes and collaborative projects with a wider participation of research communities, SMEs and OEMs from different industrial sectors.
Data di inizio/fine effettiva6/1/125/31/16


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