MEDLAB. Mediterranean Living Lab for Territorial Innovation

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Mediterranean Living Lab for Territorial Innovation Acronym: MedLab The Living Lab model for in situ co-design of innovative ICT services is proving increasingly successful in promoting the knowledge economy by speeding up the pace and quality of research and technology development; yet despite its significant potential, there is to date no clear link with Mediterranean regional policies. MedLab’s objective is to apply the Living Lab approach from the demand side of regional policy, building on concrete pilot projects to construct a governance network that brings economies of R&D scope, social innovation and policy coherence to all levels, from the local community to the trans-national scale. MedLab’s 24-month workplan links transnational R&D and the strategies of regional departments with specific development needs, validating the approach in five key fields: inno-SME networks, rural development, coastal zone management, participatory strategic planning and tourism. The transnational pilot partnerships and overlapping R&D issues that emerge develop into an integrated, open but stable governance network. The end result of MedLab is thus a permanent trans-Mediterranean structure that increases the competitiveness of the MED space through a virtuous circle whereby regional development authorities apply the Living Lab model in an increasing array of fields and the ICT industry increasingly recognises the value proposition of investing in co-design processes in concrete local and regional development initiatives.
Data di inizio/fine effettiva6/20/119/30/11


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