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The focus of this proposal is to develop an economically viable production process for the lantibiotic NAI107, a new antibiotic with the potential to treat life-threatening infections caused by multidrug resistant Gram positive pathogens. The development of a robust and economically feasible production process for NAI107 requires the integration of basic knowledge of the physiology of the strain which can be best obtained by a combination of classical and post genomic approaches (proteome-trascriptome) with a detailed knowledge of the production process and its scalability to industrial level.This will be achieved by flux analyses and 2D-maps for discovering primary metabolism proteins up-regulated during antibiotic production. Combined with a study of other limiting steps, such as precursor uptake, product excretion and the intrinsic resistance of the producing strain and with analysis of the transcriptional regulation of the NAI-107 biosynthetic genes, bottlenecks in production will be identified and bypassed by metabolic engineering leading to an optimized metabolic pathway for the production of this life-saving antibiotic and an efficient production process utilizing a high producing strain, an improved production medium and an efficient recovery process.

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Biotecnologie, prodotti alimentari e agricoltura
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