Internaturalism. Generating New Echosystems in Contemporary Society

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In contemporary western societies, the success of a post-capitalistic world economy has produced huge migrations and a new perception of alterity. Till now, such issues have been considered from a cultural point of view, as the result of the mixing of different world visions, different “images” of the same reality presupposed as unique. Notwithstanding, migrants not only carry with them another culture, trying to hybridize it with our because of the circumstances; they carry with them new ontologies, new natures, different ways of considering “things” the things, of attributing subjectiveness and objectiveness. What emerges is that in order to study cultures, analyzing the multiple ways we live together in the hyper-articulated village that the world has become, it is necessary to start from nature. Nature has usually been intended from two opposite approaches. That of all the “sciences of nature” necessary to deal with pollution, need of energy etc; that of those less formalizable disciplines such as of anthropology, sociology and even architecture, crucial to understand the structures that human communities build. Two conceptual efforts that coexist being the first oriented to the unification of problems and solutions, and the second tending to keep cultures separate in their multiplicity. An unifying perspective is still missing, meaning an approach that would make it possible to read together the instances of both these two approaches moving from the critical presupposition that also exact sciences have (multiple) cultural foundations that influence studies and results, and that socio-cultural structures never develop by chance, hiding profound unifying logics instead. From here, the notion – to be intended as a working hypothesis of this research – of internaturality. The point is not looking at how inside every culture several ideas of nature do compete, but in recognizing the profound mechanisms of coherence behind such a competition that at the same time erase the traces of any conflict and generate not just a new vision of the nature (this way presenting it again as something immutable), but new and absolutely real ecosystems to live into. The main goal of the research, then, is to trace a theoretical framework at a meta level able to help in finding the common forms of all the “natures” present in the discourses that circulates globally and in understanding how the opposite process of culturalization and naturalization generate these “natures”.
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