Hypoxia, Inflammation and redox status as determinants of malignant progression of cancer stem cells - RF-2011-02349126

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Metastasis represents the final and most devastating stage of malignancy. A significant number of malignancies alreadypresents distant metastases at the time of diagnosis. Therefore a therapy exploring the possibility to inhibit or prevent thegrowth of already formed distant metastases is more appealing than one aimed to prevent their formation. Such a resultcannot be obtained by detailing one of thousand molecular pathways exploited by tumors to thrive, but by studying theoriginal forces that act on tumor cells selecting the more aggressive population. Our proposal aims to demonstrate that twocommon features of a growing primary tumor, i.e. hypoxia and necrosis are the main driving forces for cancer stem cells(CSCs) to increase ROS levels, express proinflammatory genes, activate NFkB and overexpress adhesion moleculesthereby acquiring a metastatic phenotype. Finally, we will use off-label drugs inhibiting hypoxic or proinflammatory responseto prevent CSCs metastasis.

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Isolation of CSCs from breast cancer. Characterization of breast CSCs by flow cytometry and immunohistochemistry

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