GM crops in the EU – systematically assessing environmental and economic impacts

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The AMIGA project aims at 1) providing baseline data on biodiversity in agro-ecosystems in the EU, 2) defining lists of suitable bioindicators (species and/or ecosystem functions) for various European regions; 3) improving knowledge on potential long term environmental effects of Genetically Modified Plants (GMPs), 5) testing the efficacy of the new EFSA Guidelines for the Environmental Risk Assessment (ERA) of GMPs, 6) exploring new strategies for data-driven post market monitoring, 7) estimating the compatibility of GMPs with the IPM principles being implemented in the EU; 8) providing a systematic analysis of economical aspects of GMPs cultivation in the EU; and 9) setting a training and communication plan addressing public concerns about GMPs in the EU. To contribute to KBBE.2011.3.5-01, the consortium brings together 22 partners located in 15 EU countries and has the necessary expertise to fulfil the objectives. An INCO country (Argentina) will provide an important contribution in validating the monitoring methodology in areas where GM crops are cultivated on larger scales. Partners include Research institutes, Universities, a State Agency and 3 SMEs. A cornerstone of the proposal is the application of the principles of the EFSA ERA Guidance Document, which forms the basis for the update of the regulatory process of GM crops in the EU. The document has provided sound principles for ERA, triggering the need of testing them practically. Seven partners of the consortium participated to the preparation of EFSA ERA Guidance Documents and 3 of them are senior authors of highly relevant chapters (Long term effects, Non-target Organisms, Farming Practices). The scientific activities will be implemented using as case studies maize and potato, the only two genetically modified crops currently cultivated in the European Union and GM field trials, as well as surveys in non-GM agro-ecosystems will be conducted in different EU regions. The final outcome of the project will include a network of EU representative sites for pre-market risk assessment and for long-term monitoring studies and a set of evaluated and standardised sampling and testing methods, suitable for ERA of GMPs and long-term monitoring
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