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    The aim of the project of the Unit "Dipartimento di Ingegneria Elettrica dell'Unità di Palermo" is apply the know-how to earth rare (Nd3+, Yb3+, Ho3+ e Tm3+) doped oxides photoablation and deposition. Unit "Università di Pisa" will supply crystalline targets. Unit of Palermo will try also to use homemade synthesized targets and compare results. Proposed solution would be very economic, if satisfactory. On expect oxygen will be introduced into the bell jar to compensate deficiency into deposited films. Suitable substrate to grown crystalline films must be tested. Real time control of the process will be made by a spectrometer, observing some emission lines of the generated plume. Post-annealing to re-crystallize produced films will be designed, probably. After a first linear optical characterization made in Unit of Palermo, Unit of Pisa will test samples fully. Information exchange will be between Unit of Palermo and Unit of Siena, where different materials will be deposited, i.e. fluorites. It is also possible same materials will be deposited to compare the designed processes. During the first phase we want improve the photoablation apparatus by adding a very sensitive gated CCD array to spectrometer and by purchasing a laser to heat the substrate during the films deposition and make post-annealing of the deposited films. During the second phase our task is the production and characterization of polycrystalline films, optically non-linear, suited for optoelectronic devices and integrated optics. Cooperation between experimental Units will continue intensely, during the second phase.
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