Erasmus+ Strategic Partnerships Key Action 2- ARTISAN: AspiRing enTrepreneurIal families to perpetuate cultural buSiness Across geNerations - Agreement number 2016-1-CY01-KA204-017335

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ARTISAN focuses on improving and extending the offer of high quality learning opportunitiesthat are tailored to individual adult learners’ needs. This project focuses on family membersin artisan and agro-tourism family businesses. The family-in-business, includes senior and/orjunior members from the family that controls the business and plays a critical role to thesurvival, continuation, and growth of the family business. Artisan and agro-tourism businessesare firms that produce and/or sell a country’s cultural tradition and products that stem fromthe country’s tradition. More specifically, the project aims to develop training programmes,tools, and structures that can help to enhance the entrepreneurial skills and competences ofthis target group. Past studies show that entrepreneurship is an area that families in businessattribute strategic importance to, and they control this practice as a means of controlling thestrategy and direction of their business. As a result, our project comes to fill an apparent needof families-in-business to enhance their entrepreneurial potential and thus their abilities tocontrol and manage more effectively their business and its direction. Thus, we are very nichein our focus, aiming to support the continuation and growth of artisan and agro-tourismbusinesses (and thus the continuation and enhancement of the cultural component that theycarry) through the enhancement of the entrepreneurial skills and potential of family membersnested in these enterprises.

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