Erasmus+ Sport Programme; Call: EAC-A04-2015; Project Titel: Enriched Sport Activities Program

Progetto: Research project

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Despite the widely acknowledged benefits of physical activity in social and individual domains, a widespread sedentary lifestyle in children and youth is documented. European countries bear a growing concern about low levels of engagement in sport and other physical activities among the population.The present project addresses the promotion of Social Values of Sport, with the aim to enhance social inclusion, equal opportunities and psycho-physical well being in children with typical development and special needs. This will be pursued through sport and physical activity participation in combination with cognitive tasks oriented to improve working memory, planning and inhibition processes. Parent training programs addressed to families will be carried out. The Enriched Sport Activities program will consist in a three-year phase of development with the contribution of specialized practitioners (coaches, psychologists) and the establishment of an European network among families, practitioners and schools. It will be carried out in two ways: parents’ involvement by the education on cognitive and social benefits of sport and PA in child development and children and youth participation in ESA.The project will benefit of the shared experiences of the different participating countries identifying key features for each country and analyzing similarities and differences in order to obtain a unique and innovative way to administer Sport and PA enriched with a scientifically psycho-pedagogical based intervention program.The dissemination of results, the important project outcomes (cloud platform, mobile apps) and the promotion of long-term good practices to employ in everyday life will be carried out at national and international level. The aim is to raise awareness, to inform external stakeholders about obtained results and implemented guidelines to enhance participation in sport activities as “natural and enjoyable tool” to stimulate global development in childhood.

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