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CATEGORY OF THEMES:Promoting acquisition of key competences throughout the education and training systemWHY?The city of Rotterdam is a place where traditionally a lot of minorities live together and get along fine. Each minority has an opportunity of being taught in their own language,besides Dutch, and can preserve their culture, customs and traditions. Our aim is to stress the importance of internationalisation of multicultural and intercultural approaches on a European scale and concentrate on areas where intercultural dialogue is more likely to contribute to better living for people in the EU.WHAT?Participants will learn about:• European citizenship;• values, pedagogical and didactic aspects of building a European identity;• promoting intercultural dialogue and European cooperation.HOW?Participants will:• visit primary and secondary schools with citizenship education;• meet students, teachers, heads of schools and experts;• meet representatives of NEAC (network of European active citizens);• attend a lecture with a higher education perspective (the University of Rotterdam or de Hogeschool van Amsterdam).

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