Diaspore. Soggetti plurali e nuove pratiche del domestico

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In the last twenty years there has been a growing body of work dealing with issues of diaspora within geography and in other disciplines, such as cultural studies. How do diaspora discourses represent experiences of displacement? How do the diasporic condition be investigated? I will try to reconstruct the term’s meaning whilst keeping in mind the constantly changing global situation. From a methodological point of view this research follows the outlines of the scholars (Bhabha, Gliroy and Clifford) that consider the Diasporic and the Borders Studies interrelated. A fundamental point of reference here is Gilroy’s idea of the “black Atlantic” but also the idea of “herida abierta” of Gloria Anzaldua. It seems that the new control of the migratory phenomenon by the flexibilisation of the borders give us a new idea of the line defining the nation-sate; state power has in fact started to be exercised projecting new borders both within and beyond their once-official positions. In a Mediterranean Sea viewed as a mobile frontier, the human movements produce dissemination, identities which are not unidirectional but rather transnational; the partiality of the subjectiveness that follow it’s an interesting way to question ourselves.
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