Design Thinking as a tool of practical support for the development of business and science based on the international academic partnership: Polish – Italian – English – Hungarian”

Progetto: Research project

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The cooperation of the Parties on the implementation of the Project will involve: Developing sustainable solutions in the field of didactic and scientific cooperation aimed at establishing business and scientific relations with foreign entrepreneurs and adjusting the educational offer to their needs. The implementation of the project will contribute to the construction of scientific links between the international academic community and entrepreneurs, with particular emphasis on practical aspects of solving by science defined scientific and technological problems of entrepreneurs and shaping innovative educational methods and tools that create new opportunities in the scope of future labor market staff. The partners will engage their scientific staff and technical potential of the extent to contribute to the achievement of objectives at the national level, objectives set in their tasks, project indicators and links and relations defining the scope of cooperation of partners at such a level that it will be possible to state that a stable cooperation system defined as the key goal of the project was built between them. The implementation of the project will be based on the implementation of individual tasks at the national and international level in accordance with the schedule. In order to properly manage the project, the Partner will point out the person representing him in the Project Management Team – managed by the Applicant.
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