Design and Development o fan interregional radiology dept for diagnosis and cutting edge treatment of utmost pathologies

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    From a clinical point of view, the project is aimed to assess new diagnosis methodologies and treatments for:- hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) that represents the seventh most common type of cancer: the methodology assessment will interest Transcatheter Artherial Chemo-Embolization (TACE) that is a validated option for mininvasive treatment of non-resectable HCC.- Colo-rectal cancer and hepatic metastases:Colo-rectal cancer is the second cause of death secondary to a neoplasm in all western countries. The (TACE) methodology will be tested also for this pathology.- Reno-vascular hypertension: the prevalence of renovascular disease in the hypertensive population varies from 1 to 5%. No- wadays the current options to treat reno-vascular disease includes PTA plus stenting.- Pituitary adenomas: Pituitary microadenomas are slow-growing beningn neoplasms of epithelial origin that arise from the adenohypohysis.The trasns-sphenoidal microsurgical approach is the current common surgical technique. This may involve endoscopic removal of the entire tumor or involve endoscopy as an adjunct.Micro and microadenomas are usually best asses- sed through magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).After the medical goal above described, the project is aimed to reach the following secondaries objectives.From the Information and Communication Tecnology (ICT) point of view, the implemetation ao a Teleradiology system im- plementation aimed to:- Electronic transmission of radiologic MRI images between the 3 Excellence Centres involved (Pavia, Palermo, Messina). This may allow more timely interpretation and provides consultative and interpretative diagnosis services for above mentio- ned emerging clinical care areas- Enhancing educational opportunities for practicing RadiologistsFinally, for the Regional Health care system improvement:- At Regional level, implementation of an organisational model for the integration of Primary care ang General Hospital with the Excellence Centres- At National level, implementation of a new model of cooperative system in order to reduce the migratory flow.

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